Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break 2015

It had sunshine, sand, drinks, all the makings of a fabulous Spring Break, and it was pretty fantastic. We've never been typical vacationers, so instead of a trip to a beach, we decided to head to Tennessee, where we spent plenty of time basking in the sunshine among the rocks.

On Good Friday, Brian and I made our way south, and though it was a less-than-stellar drive, taking nearly 14 hours as opposed to 10.5, the rest of our time in Chattanooga more than made up for that.  The rain that plagued almost our entire drive made me worried about our chances of climbing, but by Saturday morning, it was sunny and dry, and we headed to nearby Georgia for a day in the boulder fields of Rocktown.  I had never been before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So too did I enjoy the next day and our return trip to Stone Fort, a climbing area just outside of Chattanooga that we visited a few years ago. I cannot say I had much success on day one, which Brian and I chalked up to being holed up in a car for all too long the day prior.   Perhaps I was inspired by the Badgers' performance in the Final Four or I fell into a groove, but by day two, I had found my inner strong woman, and I was happy to accomplish a few goals.

Once back home on Monday evening, in time for the basketball game (I'm still reeling), Brian returned to his normal routine, and I enjoyed a few more days of break, which included reading (a lot!!), running (now, thanks to PT and some strength training, seems to be less painful - maybe I'm on the mend!!), a coffee date with my cousin Ruth, dinner with my parents, a motorcycle ride, the first of the year, and some at-home, relaxing dinner dates with Brian.

I loved having a chance to get away and I loved the leisurely pace Brian and I settled into over break.  He and I both decided we could get very used to having all of our meals together, taking mid-day walks, and feeling less stressed (apparently the school year makes me tenser than I even realized).  Maybe every week can be Spring Break week...

swirls in the stone 

my favorite rock climber (and blogger)

Stone Fort, Chattanooga, TN

getting some work done 

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