Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another Broadcast for Brian

"I was never a really big fan of sequels." So said Brian during this past weekend's live broadcast of the Sport Climbing National Competition in Waterford, Mass.  I'd have to disagree, at least in this context :)

With every broadcast he participates in, every 'sequel', be it for bouldering nationals, sport climbing nationals, or local competitions, I see a stronger, better version of Brian the broadcaster. I'm immensely proud of him -- talking for such an extending period of time is no joke (and I'm a talker, I know!).  Making sure there is plenty to share and an engaging way to do so can be taxing, but Brian loves it and does a wonderful job.  Watching Brian on air serves as a reminder of both his unique sense of humor and his poise.  I get nervous for him, but he's always excited for his next gig.

Between the broadcast and the Badger game, I had to split my time this weekend (I'm surprised my heart held out considering this all), but I surely wouldn't miss watching my adventure buddy continue his own adventure in climbing broadcasting.  Nicely done, BR!

Chris and Brian
and Bucky in the background 

And doesn't Brian look so handsome in that headset?!

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