Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Weekend on the Slopes

Brian and I have mastered the art of quick weekend trips, and last weekend's get-away to Beaver Creek, CO was no exception.  Brian was busy with work, his website, and prep for a tech conference he was attending just before our adventure, and this time of year at school is no joke, so a bit of fun and early bed times were a must (skiing sure does wipe a person out, even someone like me who rarely is able to get a good night's sleep!).

I've gotten quite used to it, but flying alone isn't all too exciting, and since Brian was in Portland for his conference, I was excited to find out that our friends Scott and Steph shared a flight to Colorado with me. I have to admit that I never got entirely used to the idea of boarding a plane for a weekend trip, which inevitably ended with a good-bye and a trip back home alone.  I was relieved, however, when I realized that I had a whole weekend of ski adventure ahead of me and would be heading home with my husband when the time came to depart from Colorado. Those thoughts set the mood for the entirety of the weekend!

Scott, Steph, Brian, and I joined our friends Shawn and Amanda and their kids, Logan and Anikka, in the mountains and packed in as much skiing as we could handle during our two days on the slopes. The weather was amazing - sunny and warm - and early mornings meant time on the mountain before the crowds rolled in. Aside from the simple pleasure of skiing with my husband and our friends, the hot chocolate atop the mountain and afternoon cookies made for a great time.

We spent the first day entirely at Beaver Creek, and the next day we started out at Arrowhead before making our way across to BC.  I'm no expert, but I'd say that it doesn't get much better than our time at Arrowhead - perfectly sunny, just warm enough not to feel cold on the chairlift or melty on the mountain, almost entirely quiet and wide open!

I had an amazing time skiing, and the two nights of Mexican and margs sure didn't hurt either.  I'd love to make it out to Colorado to ski once more before the season is over, but I'm not sure that will happen.  Regardless, I really am hoping that we can make our BC weekend with the gang an annual tradition.

So in the mean time ...what to do next?!

Beaver Creek with my adventure buddy 

Getting silly atop the mountain 

the Ladies 

Chair lift selfie - check out the mountains in the background! 

Our crew (minus Logan, who was a ski machine)

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