Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sparkles and Margs

Not all that long ago, as we were in the midst of making sense of the messy part of our life together, Brian made a comment that has since been replaying in my mind. While we were talking he said, quite simply, "I know family is really important to you."  Of course I have always known that, but as of late, I've felt it even more.

Growing up, I wanted to be just like Jenna.  She was more grown up, had all the cool toys (giant pound puppies), and the best books.  She was athletic, kind, and beautiful - and still is!  In finding our passion for running, we've become as close as we've ever been and we've found that we're more alike than we recognized (we like to challenge ourselves, hate sitting still, love a good name it). These days, we're regularly chatting about races, workout classes, and running attire - Under Armour should start its own line for us!!

Jenna experienced an injury that sidelined her from running. I was so sad for her, but in true JL fashion, she's found a way to make this bummer of a situation not so, so bad.  And as she pushes herself (she's returning to Pump class, cast and all soon), she inspires me to work harder.

Last night, Jenna put on quite the Tuesday night party - she, Joanna, and I gathered supplies - which included bedazzlement, sparkle paint, and margaritas - and got to work on beautifying the purple cast Jenna will sport for a few more weeks.  We sat in her living room, painted with surgeon-like precision, laughed, snacked, and drank fabulous frozen margaritas.  For a few Mexican girls, it was perfection!
We did good work!

Brian was right, family is extremely important to me; my family are some of the most wonderful people I know.  Jenna and I have no shortage of childhood memories, and I love that we continue to make more now that we're adults.  She may be my cousin, but Jenna is so much more than that!  She's a role model, a sister I've never had, a friend I couldn't imagine life without, and I love her to pieces.

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