Tuesday, February 3, 2015

At Full Strength

Life changes in an instant, as we all know.  Often times, these expeditious changes are ones we look upon with discontent.  Change, however, can be good. We all know this, too.  The funny thing about life is that without one, the bad, we take the other,  the good, for granted.  It's the juxtaposition that keeps us real  -- change can simultaneously be good and bad, and as I settle into a new routine of daily life, I cannot help but look back on the past 18 months and all the changes it brought.  Like other things, though, we've come to find that we're pretty good at figuring it out, at figuring us out!

Travel back in time with me for a moment; it's the winter of 2013.  I sat next to my husband as he informed me of an internship opportunity that, aside from giving him the opportunity to grow professionally, would require him to leave our home, our life, our 'normal.'  That change didn't feel so good - the unknown never does - but when we got married, I committed myself, wholeheartedly, to supporting my partner; and even if it didn't make sense to others, Brian and I knew we would have to find a way to make this work because it mattered and made sense to us.  Everything that came between then and now has been discussed, to varying degrees, in this little blog already, but it's safe to say that life in the mountains was a great thing for Brian and life apart was anything but fun.

As Brian and I settle into living under the same roof again (and I remember he still like Star Wars and doesn't know how to make a bed, and he remembers I'm pretty particular and need help reaching almost everything not on ground level) I find that change is good.  In the same way we learned to live independent of one another after six years of marriage, we're again learning that we make a really good team.  And I'm pretty excited that Team Runnells is at full strength these days!

Adventures await, this much I know! 

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