Sunday, January 18, 2015

Trust Me, Packers Fans, Today Was a Good Day...

While the outcome of today's football game (I know, too soon!) wasn't what any true Wisconsinite was hoping for, there was certainly good to be found in the day.

I got to spend my afternoon with one of my favorite people, my cousin Jenna.  Picture this:  pillows, blankets, comfy clothes, iced tea, laughs.... oh, and that football game that shall not be discussed in detail.

Per usual, we chatted about all sorts of things, reminisced, laughed a lot, and had a fabulous time.  Certainly I wish Jenna weren't in the position she is in now, but I am happy to have the time to hunker down with her and make more memories with my beautiful cousin!

The championship belt may not have served its purpose in helping the Packers, but Jenna deserves it more than the green and gold, anyhow.  She's the wold champion of determination, and she's going to be better than ever and show that Achilles who is in charge! 

One of my favs - it's hard not to love time with JL! 

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