Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Very Boulder (2014) Sendoff

I spent the past two weeks in Boulder enjoying all the things I miss out on when I'm in Wisconsin -- nature, my kittens, my husband, stuff like that.  It was simple and fabulous, and it went all too quickly.

I flew to Colorado on Friday night and by Saturday morning, I was headed outside for day one of our adventures.  I had two weeks to fill, so from then on, I made sure to do something, or often times more than one thing, every day that I wouldn't be able to do back in Wisconsin when break ended.  There were climbing trips, long hikes around town, a Flatiron run, visits with my Colorado cousins, and outings to the Park; I even managed to squeeze in a skiing trip.  I also made it a point to be sure I found time to enjoy simply having no agenda; that meant I found time for nothing but me, the mountains, a cup of tea, and my book. 

The past two weeks, this wonderful winter break, were exactly what I needed -- a chance to step away from the pressures of work, to do the things I wanted to do and never have the time to, and an opportunity to make a plan for what the next year will bring.  I expect good things and plenty of change in 2015, and I look forward to it all! 

On Christmas Day, before we headed to Fort Collins, we went to Chautauqua Park for a Flatty run. We met our pal, Dave, who is also from Wisconsin, in the parking lot, and we formed a party of three.

Happy Holidays, all! 

We took a few trips to Rocky Mountain National Park, the first of which was very blustery and cold.  Regardless, it was great to be outside and the sun was shining.

Sprague Lake, RMNP

Bear 14
A blustery day in the Park
Majestic Longs Peak

Our friends Shawn and Amanda were in Colorado for the holidays.  We spent two days with them at their favorite ski destination, Beaver Creek.  I finally got to try skiing, and thought I certainly had a few less-than-steady moments on my skis, I really loved it.

Ski the Beav!
Yeah, buddy! 

On New Year's Eve, we surprised ourselves and made it until midnight.  We went to our favorite Boulder dive, the Sundown Saloon, the Downer, for their Whiskey Wednesday special.  There wasn't a special that night, however, so we settled for shots and drinks.  It was fun to be 'young' for the night - not that I'm old or anything.

Our New Year's Eve version of Whiskey Wednesday 

Aside from toasting the new year, we also made plans for another trip to the Park on New Year's Eve.  We settled on Mills Lake, and it was a gorgeous, mostly quiet hike.  The sun was shining all day.  Even though my vacation was coming to a close, I couldn't help but smile.

Mills Lake, RMNP

frozen bubbles 

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