Friday, December 19, 2014

Thirty-three Years

Life - marriage, career, family - is hard work; it's rewarding, meaningful work, but it's hard work.  Today is my parents' 33rd anniversary.  Those years tell the story of two wonderful people, who have dedicated their lives to working hard, building a family, and tirelessly loving one another. Those years together have made for a wonderful life for their family and have helped to shape the people we are today.

The fact that I arrived not all that long after my parents were married means I have been present for a lot of their life together.  And though there are certainly years I don't remember, one thing I'll never forget is the example my mom and dad set for my brother and me.  There were never false pretenses, nothing was for show - the life my parents led, the life they continue to lead, is a genuine one.  They have always been a team in the truest sense of the words.  In both the best of time and the worst, they have been a complimentary pair.  Each one has his or her own strengths and strategies, his or her own approach to life and continuing to 'raise' my brother and me, and they blend those together seamlessly.  In that, Brian and I have found the pieces that make us whole.  And I do have to say that I think my little brother and I turned out alright, so thanks, Mom and Dad.

My all the best things in life find you both!  Happy 33rd, and many, many more to come!

December 19, 1981

my parents
the best people I know - in the happiest place in the world, Disney

the family that Dave and Jo built 

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