Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Journey Begins...Continues

Like all big things in life, it doesn't feel real until it's really happening, and on December 17th, we really are turning over the keys to the house and moving on...to where, we're not sure yet, but it's time to say goodbye to Oak Creek and the first house we made our home.  

It was a tough decision, like any decision these days seem to be for us, but it ultimately made little sense for us to remain in the OC when I work in Waukesha and have a husband who splits time (though not equally - who can blame him? Colorado is amazing!) between Boulder and wherever I am.  

When I got home from my summer adventure in Colorado, we decided to list the house.  That was the beginning of September, and even with a for sale sign in the front yard, it didn't feel like we were really going to sell this house.  As weeks passed, I almost began to ignore the sign and figured life would march on as it had been.  Then, while in Las Vegas for my half marathon, we got the call.  There was an offer on the house, and it was about as good of an offer as we could hope for, so we had to seriously consider it -- even though the closing day was only a month away and between two holidays.  Nothing in our lives is smooth or stress-free, so why not go for it, ha?! We did seriously weigh our options, but ultimately we knew we wanted to be living somewhere other than Oak Creek (again, who knows where?!), and despite the buyers' lack of flexibility with closing, we also didn't know if we would receive another offer like this one.  It became official; we were no longer going to be residents of Golden Fields Drive.  

As the closing date approaches and the house becomes an empty shell of its former self, I do expect the last time I walk out of this house to be tough.  Until now, it has been pretty easy to consider not living in this house.  I expected to feel quite emotional when I got home from Vegas, and I expected to feel even more when it was time to begin boxing up everything - I took care of most of that a few weekends ago, and Brian took care of the big stuff last weekend.  Lots of people sell houses, but I didn't really expect we would leave this one when we purchased it in 2009.  A lot, however, has changed since then.  New jobs and new life adventures have taken us may different places. 

This home was good to us, and now we move ahead, looking for the next adventure life brings us. 

looking forward to finding somewhere new for nights like these

the packing process begins 
Thanksgiving 2014
so much to be thankful for 

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