Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Bubble

This year, thanks to an extra long winter break -- two full weeks -- I decided to head west and cut down on the back-and-forth (and save some hard-earned cash) of home for the holidays, to the mountains, and back home again.

I'm definitely missing being with the rest of my family today, especially when there wasn't a fantastic breakfast from Dad, setting the table and sharing stories with mom, or jokes with my brother to exchange. I am, however, very much enjoying the one-on-one time with my little family, BR, the girls, and me.  Fur babies count, right?! 

a few Christmas goodies, practical, of course! 

Road trips, rock climbing, curled up with a good book (or a laptop to tend to some programming), it doesn't matter.  Life with this guy is an absolute blessing and the best adventure I ever could have never planned for!

We've spent a lot of good times in the ol' Fit, headed somewhere new to do something fun 

May your holiday blessings be as plentiful as ours!  Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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