Monday, October 13, 2014

Two Really Great Days

I spent two really great days with a really great guy this past weekend.  I made the trek west after work on Friday - I love gaining a weekend hour, but thanks to my ban on drinking until after my half-marathon, our traditional stops at the West End Tavern on our way home from DIA was a no-go.  Truthfully, I was happy just to get 'home' and settle into normal weekend life in BoCo.

Saturday morning was a simply and perfect one.  We made breakfast, we sat at the table and talked about our trip to the Park later that morning, and we talked about how we are going to iron out this wrinkle in our life, this being in two states business.  When we left the condo just before 10am, the weather was great; it was sunny and crisp.  The rest of Saturday was particularly strange, however, as it alternated between sunny and warm and cold and hailing.  Numb fingers and toes aside, we made the most of our day.  We decided it was high time Brian actually made his way to Emerald Lake (and didn't dip off the trail to head straight to the climbing) - it's probably one of the only places in the Park I had been and he had not (Becky and I went there two summers ago, when we visited four lakes in one day). Per usual, there were plenty of tourists there, but we found a quiet spot, had a snack, and chased away the hungry chipmunks.  Then, we headed to the climbing.  I didn't do a whole lot of climbing thanks to the weather, but I did get to watch Brian re-climb his project, Whispers of Wisdom.  It was terrifying and amazing. I was so so impressed that he was able to hop back on it and climb it without issue, and I was worried the whole time that he would slip (it was a long way to the ground from where he was -- just look at the pictures).

By late afternoon, it was time to head back to town, so we packed up and hiked out.  We made dinner at home and enjoyed a lazy Saturday evening at the condo.  Sunday, we decided to do a bit more climbing, this time at the gym, and also went to see a movie, "Gone Girl."  Before any of that, we spent a bit more time around the house being typical married people, making breakfast, tidying up, talking about life, planning trips to Europe, the good stuff I miss day-to-day.  Our time at the gym was also really good.  I love climbing, and I love watching Brian climb.  He really motivates me, and I need that and miss that factor at home quite a bit. I was able to climb until I could barely lift my arms, and I also out push-uped Brian (if only in my own mind), so I guess that means I was working hard.  After climbing, it was off to the theatre.  Typically, we aren't movie theatre people, but this makes for two movies in two weeks -- perhaps we have a new tradition?? The movie was phenomenal, though I do wish I would have read the book first, and I'm glad we decided to see it.  The quiet, normal time with Brian was also really nice.  And just that quickly, we were off to DIA again.

While it was a short trip, it was a good and much needed one.  Every bit of time with him, no matter how limited it is, is good time with Brian, and that made this weekend an especially nice one.

Looking for Longs Peak on our hike in 

I made friends with this guy - rather, this guy wanted my snack

Whispers of Wisdom 

my amazingly impressive husband, who was busy scaring the heck out of me

ahh, the Park! 

clean hands 
our happy place, RMNP 

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