Monday, October 27, 2014

21 Days

I cannot believe that only three weeks -- 21 days, yikes!! - stand between me and the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  When it was merely a hypothetical, my run buddy cousin, Jenna, and I laughed about just how ludicrous it would be to purposely set out to run 13.1 miles.  We thought about how nervous we were before our first run together, Al's Run 2013.  We thought about how two Mexican girls who can sparkle with the best of 'em when its 50 degrees would be downright bedazzled after a half marathon.  We thought about what else we could do with several hours of our time.  Then, however, we continued our trend of running 5Ks together, and our inner tough girls came out.  We realized that we could do a half marathon, and we decided we should do it.

I cannot wait until that day when I get to hop on a plane with my cousins, my auntie, and my mom, hop off that plane in Vegas, meet up with my husband, and accomplish a goal that I once considered an impossibility.

As I gear up for the big day -- new running shoes, planning race day attire, completing training runs, working on my ever-evolving packing list (foam rollers, Icy Hot, ibuprofen, etc.) -- I find inspiration in all of Jenna's and my past running experiences.  Take a look:

our first race together 
we survived our first 8K
The Glo Run - it was cold!

Making mustaches look good at the Stache Dash
Irish Jig Jog - it turns out that a post-run beer is really good
Al's Run 2014 

And because we're not in this alone

our moms! 

and my stand in run buddy, 

Here we go, Run Buddy, here we go.  I love you, JL, and I'm so excited for us!

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