Monday, September 29, 2014

Turning Around a Case of the Mondays

Monday mornings are never fun, not for anyone, but this Monday morning was especially draining, and that was before the work day even commenced.  After a weekend away, a weekend in one of my favorite places with my favorite of all people, it's hard to get back to the grind of day-to-day, not-so-normal-anymore life. I didn't get enough sleep last night, and I started up the ol' fly-back-and-forth-to-Colorado grind.

The more I thought about it this morning, though, the more I realized one thing: one more Monday means one less Monday until I get to have another fabulous weekend like the I one had this past weekend.

This has been one of the most stressful personal and professional stretches of my life, and we're only a month into the school year.  Training for a half-marathon, planning new curriculum, selling a house, and navigating the ins and outs of a 'bi-costal' marriage take a lot out of a girl.  Nonetheless, I spent the first stretch of time at my western home in the most enjoyable of ways - I went for a run with the Flatirons as my backdrop, had lunch with my best guy, and was treated to dinner and a movie in the evening.  Couldn't every Friday be this kind of Friday?!

Saturday morning was a leisurely one, but it was a perfectly Colorado kind of day, one with plenty of sunshine and plenty of time in the great outdoors; we made breakfast and made plans, and then we went to the Park.  It was free day at the national parks, so it was crazy busy in Rocky, but it was well worth the multiple laps we had to take around the Bear Lake parking lot in order to get a spot.  Though the hike up never feels easy, it wasn't nearly as painful as I expected after not having hiked it in over a month.  The colors were amazing (how did I not stop to take pictures -- I guess I blame it on the fear of dropping my brand new phone), the weather was perfect, and the company was unbeatable.  I returned to an old climbing project, got to do some new-to-me climbing, and watched Brian make even more progress on his climbing project, one that I hope soon will be a climbing 'send'! We stayed in the park until it was dark and had to brave the same horrible traffic we encountered earlier in the day; thus, we were back in Boulder close to my bedtime.

Despite the fact that I knew my time living a life that feels far more normal than my day-to-day life tends to feel was coming to a close, Sunday was another great day.  We took advantage of not having any plans and lounged around the condo in the morning.  We made breakfast together, discussed our plans for our next trip abroad, walked around town, and watched football, just Brian, the girls and me.  Then, as if the universe knew what was coming, the sunny sky became cloudy, and the gloom of the afternoon was matched only by the gloom I felt knowing it was time to head to DIA and then back to Milwaukee.

Eight years together has flown by, and I always find myself wishing that each day we are apart goes as quickly.  It's a catch-22, however.  I want the time to pass by quickly, but I don't want time in our life to be wasted.  We realize the irony of our situation - that we, who love to go and do, are waiting for a number of things before we can go and do - but we approach it as we have approached all of our married life; it's an adventure,  and we will enjoy the ride...

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