Friday, September 5, 2014

Mrs. R., English Teacher

This year is a unique one when it comes to the world of being Mrs. R., high school English teacher. When I joined the West staff, I was assigned English 10 as one of the courses I would teach. Fast-forward, and those 10th graders have become 12th graders.  Coincidentally, I also teach 12th grade, so a good number of the names on my roster are 10th grade babies have become 12th grade big kids, and they're all mine again.  

It's especially nice that on Teacher Recognition Night for Waukesha West, I was asked to wear the jersey of one of my seniors who was also once one of my sophomores.  And while West plays my alma mater, Mukwonago, this evening, I'm not ashamed to say that I hope the Wolverines walk away with the "W."  There is a lot to be proud of here in the 'Shaw!! 

#82 - coincidence?!
Notice my beloved Bucky in the background :) 

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