Monday, September 15, 2014

Team Zoe 2014

Saturday marked year four for Team Zoe, which was created by our cousins Ed and Kaleena. honors their brave little Zoe, who was born with a rare condition called Heterotaxy Syndrome. For my run buddy, my cousin Jenna, and me, it marked the second year we decided to tackle the 8K.

The heart of Team Zoe
Ed, Kaleena, Jayce, and Zoe 
I spent the better part of the day before worrying about the weather - it rained nearly all day and I thought we might be braving our first in-the-rain run. I was glad to see the sun was shining when I woke up Saturday morning, but I was surprised to find I could see my breath while waiting for the bus.  We were good planners and didn't want to be rushing to the start line or waiting for busses, so we met around 8:15am.  We expected the weather would warm up a bit, but we landed up staying in our layers.  Once we got to the meeting place, we gathered our purple ribbons, beads, and bandaids for our Team Zoe shirts.  We chatted, jumped around to stay warm and took our team picture before heading to the start line.  

Jenna and I often joke about how warm we get while running and how we have our Mexican blood to thank for the sweaty conditions we can guarantee we will find ourselves in, and despite the cold, Saturday was no exception.  By the half-mile mark, both Jenna and I were warm, but removing layers was far too much work, so we crossed the finish line in long sleeves.  I'm happy to report that the extra clothing didn't slow us down.  We both had runs we were really pleased with, and we're certainly going to carry that positive energy into our upcoming run, the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

I felt plenty nervous on Friday, and Saturday morning was more of the same, but as I waited at the start line with my cousin beside me and so many family members nearby, I was reminded of the strength we all have in us.  The little lady of honor, Zoe Mae, reminds us of that each and every day.  Zoe has braved so much in her young life; her parents have had to face more than any parent should have to.  When I think I'm having a tough time, I remember what they have faced, and I'm encouraged, I'm inspired.  I'm blessed to have grown up close to my cousins, and our family is blessed to have such wonderful people in it.  

Thanks, Ed, Kaleena, and Zoe, for reminding us all of this once again. 

The Navarrete sisters and their girls
(the CO girls were there in spirt!)

Run buddies ready to run
All done! 

Year #2 in the books 

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