Monday, July 14, 2014

Mike and Christina Get Married

Truthfully, I've been a part of the wonderfully loving Runnells family long enough now that those moments when I first met everyone and started to feel like I was one of the group are harder to pinpoint.  It's like I've always been a Runnells, and it's that way for all of us who join this crew. So while we've been like family for a long time now, it would be safe to say that I, like a number of other Runnells family members, couldn't wait for Brian's cousin Mike to propose to his girlfriend Christina (one of my partners in crime and fellow Badger girls) and officially make her a Runnells family member.

As a group of four Madison alums, Mike, Christina, Brian and I have spent our share of time together bonding over all things Bucky -- and biting our nails and yelling at the players, the TV, anyone who would listen -- so when the big day, proposal day, came, Brian and I were especially excited and totally honored when Mike and Christina called us to tell us a wedding was in the future, and that wedding took place last Saturday.  I absolutely adore both Mike and Christina; they're such good, loving people and they're boat-loads of fun.  Their wedding was a wonderful reflection of the both of them.  Bucky showing up at the reception wasn't half bad either -- let's be real, it was life-altering for me!!

The ceremony was touching -- I got quite choked up when Mike walked his mom and Christina's mom down the aisle -- the post-ceremony family excursion to the Italian bakery was a sweet treat, and the meal at the reception was the perfect fuel for a night of singing and dancing with our cousins and with Bucky. I'm so glad Brian and I were able to make it back to Wisconsin to celebrate this wonderful day with such fantastic people. I know Mike and Christina will have a wonderful life together!

the beautiful bride
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kaminski

it's always nice to have a reason to get dressed up with this guy 

me with my main squeeze and my husband

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