Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Family Time

It's likely not a surprise to anyone that I thoroughly enjoy being on the go and hate when it gets too quiet for too long or when I have little to do.  I've never been very good at being silent or sitting still. That's why it has been so wonderful having so many family members visiting Colorado as of late. In fact, since my arrival at our western home, there have only been four days where I haven't been with at least one family member.

Becky joined me for the fantastically uneventful drive that is the journey from Wisconsin to Colorado (thanks, Nebraska, for that one!), and was here for about a week.  At nearly the same time, my parents were heading this direction, and after a horseback riding excursion, they came to Boulder for a visit.  After saying goodbye to them, which I always hate doing,  I got to spend some time with Mike and Pat, who were visiting Estes Park and were thus were less than an hour from our condo.  Ruth and Justin were also in Boulder for a bit after making a few other Colorado stops; in fact, we saw them in Denver for a Rockies/Brewers game and again in town when they came to our place.  And this past weekend, we drove south to Salida to see Tom and Ann, who were also vacationing in what seems to have become the Runnells home-away-from-home, Colorado.

Everyone's visits overlapped enough that we were able to have a family reunion of sorts.  As I mentioned, we saw Ruth and Justin at a Brewers game, and my parents, Becky, Brian and I joined them for dinner after the win.  Last Thursday, Mike, Pat and I went on a local brewery tour at Avery Brewing Co. before meeting up with Brian, Ruth, and Justin for dinner at what has since become my favorite restaurant in Boulder, The Sink.

Seeing so many Runnells family members and spending time with my parents was the prefect way to start out my summer.  In just a few weeks, I'll be home to spend some more time with family, but until then, I'll be making the most of every moment I have free of work responsibilities; after all, Colorado is pretty much the perfect place for a person like me, someone who is looking for and always needs something to do...

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