Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Irish Jig Jog 5K

Saturday marked the first run, a 5K, of 2104 for my run-buddy and me.  I think I recall us swearing off cold weather runs after our chilly 20 degree Stache Dash (let's not forget the scampering back and forth to the car as we awaited the start of the GLO Run either), but there we were shivering at a start line once again.

Thanks to construction and a confused GPS, we took a little detour to get to Veteran's Park, where the run was held.  We watched the clock as our 8:30am registration deadline crept nearer and nearer, but we made it to the park and got checked in as the thermometer crept closer and closer to 30 degrees.  It turns out we had more time than we anticipated having as the organizers had to delay the start (and relocate the start line) due to icy spots on the course. That extra time didn't make us any warmer, however.

Much like the Stache Dash, the course was set up so that runners looped around past other runners.  That gave Jenna and me a chance to exchange waves and 'keep going' grins.  We met at the finish line in good time, and I even got an action shot of Jenna as she approached the finish line, something I have been attempting to do for a few runs now.  We ended our run with our complimentary cold 'green' beer and then headed back to my house, but not before we made a stop off at Dunkin' Donuts.  This was entirely apropos as sleepovers at the Knaks' house almost always meant munchkins for breakfast.

True to form, while we were both jumping about to keep warm at the start of the run, Jenna and I were rosy cheeked and warm by the time we were a mile in.  By the time we crossed the finish line, we both were 'sparkling' like the good Mexican girls we are. The cold didn't keep us away from this run, but I sure do hope we are done with chilly runs. Thanks for another good one, JL!

check out our bright shoes - we're ready to run

post-run fun 

me and my run buddy

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