Thursday, March 6, 2014


It's no secret to anyone who knows me: despite not yet having my own, I love babies, love, love, love them.  From those tiny little fingers and toes to the way they curl up against you like little potatoes, nothing beats snuggling with a baby.  When it comes to babies, I'm not so good at sharing.  I'm definitely the one who is forced to pass Baby onto the next anxious set of arms.  And I have been awaiting the chance to be a baby hog as the impending arrival of a few very special babies, my newest cousins, neared.

The wait is now over (all I have to do now is schedule a visit so I can get my hands on these little ladies).  Over the past two days, both the Unti and the Runnells family have gained new members. My cousin Jenny welcomed her second child into the world, and Brian's cousin Cory became a first-time daddy.

Allow me to introduce two wonderfully perfect little girls to you:

Brooke Elizabeth Malic

Addison June Runnells
I cannot wait to meet both of these precious little girls.  Congrats to Jenny and Louis (and big brother, Blake) and Cory and Jessie.

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