Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Break

While neither Brian nor I are much (or anything) for the stay-cation, this year's mess that is our living situation and a bit of indecision about travel plans meant that we were home for the holidays.

Brian returned to Wisconsin the Thursday night before Christmas, and after work on Friday, we were both officially on vacation.  We managed to squeeze in a few trips to the climbing gym and visits with three of the four sides of our families (we even had an Unti slumber party) before we both departed for Colorado on the 26th.

While in Colorado, we visited The Wild Animal Sanctuary full of adorable-I-wanted-to-pet-each-one big cats (probably Brian's way of discontinuing all the "I want a puppy" talk, hit the climbing gym, did some outdoor climbing, went to the movies (we rarely do that...ever), hiked and snowshoed and went on a few dates :)

It was really, really nice spending double-digit days (in a row) with my husband; it was nice seeing family and friends; it was a great Christmas (we are very blessed); it was an awful New Year's Day morning -- saying goodbye doesn't get any easier, it seems, but considering how great our time off was, it was worth the horrible lines at the airport and all...

the scenery that greeted us after our three mile hike in
post - Day 1 snowshoeing adventure 

at The Wild Animal Sanctuary 

Roar. Literally. 

Tigers behaving just like our kitties do 
adventures and photos - Brian in his element

Adding another few miles to our hiking totals

matching footwear 

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