Sunday, January 26, 2014

Q on the D 2014

Saturday was the annual Quick on the Draw competition at Adventure Rock, our local climbing gym.  Brian has long been involved with it, either as a participant or a volunteer, and when I got on board with the whole climbing thing, I also became a fan of the ol' Q on the D.  I've only dared to climb in it once, but the comp is always a blast, and I make it a point to break my rule of sleeping in on weekends to get up bright and early and dedicate the day to the gym -- it's a place that has meant a whole lot to Brian and me, after all.  We have some really great friends and have had some wonderful experiences thanks to the gym and climbing.

The competition was also a really big deal this year because Brian was making a return trip to Wisconsin to be there and spent a lot of time and brain power on building a website that handled registration and scoring for the comp.  

Saturday started extra early thanks to this horrible winter weather, but after fueling up on coffee and picking up our friend Craig, who manages the gym, we made our way to Pewaukee and got to work. In the afternoon, Brian halted his web-guy work to chalk up and get some climbing in.  It turns out that I was as nervous as ever watching him climb.  Take the man outside to climb and I'm fine, but make it a competition, even a for-fun and cool trophies one, and I'm a mess....good thing one of us kept it together.  Brian took fourth in his division and qualified for finals.  And like last year, he ended the comp in a higher position than he was in going into finals.  With his 3rd place finish, Brian had his best showing yet.  

Per usual, after the comp, we headed to 'after party' just down the street.  It added hours of laughs and good times to an already great day, and it gave us both the chance to catch up with a few friends we haven't seen in some time.  By the time we made it home that night, both Brian and I were exhausted.  

We can officially put another successful Q on the D in the books.  I'm glad Brian was able to make it home and I'm glad I was there to watch him and so many of our friends do their thing.  

nesting dolls 
Red Square 
Is this year's theme obvious yet? 
my guy doing his thing 

3rd place, not too shabby! 

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