Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh Dear, a Deer

While last Friday was slated to be the perfect start to a busy weekend, it turned out to be a little different that I had planned.  I met Mom and Dad after work; our plan was to grab dinner and head to my alma mater, Mukwonago High School, to watch the Indians take on the Wolverines (and yes, I was wearing West clothes when I strolled into the gym).

Moments after teasing my dad about his car, one with more than 259, 000 miles on it, and still in really great condition, the 'incident' happened.  Mom and I were innocently joking about how the car would have to be retired, not because it wasn't drivable but because the seatbelt wouldn't buckle.  Just moments later, a deer left the ditch and crossed the road...right in front of our car.  I saw it and called out to my dad as a warning; Dad carefully slowed the vehicle making sure to keep it safely on the road, which was icy (it was snowing), and then I saw another deer, which darted out in front of us and hit the car.

I've been in one significant accident (those of you who know about the ill-fated drive to Kentucky over Labor Day weekend some years back know what I mean), but this was a first -- never have I been involved in an accident with a living thing, a critter, and animal lover me was very torn.  While I was sad for boy-Bambi, I also am a 'spring into action/fix things' kind of girl, so I was attempting to check out everything and everyone while also trying not to shed a tear, which would have turned to an icicle.

Interestingly enough, my in-laws, who were going to join my parents and me at the basketball game, sent me a text at that time. Upon learning about the accident, they came to see if we needed assistance (which was nice considering we didn't know how functional the car would be -- and it was cold!). It was a family meeting on the side of the road in the dark, chilly evening -- only in the land of the Unti family...sigh!

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