Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It's no secret that I have some very unique quarks, one of which is my love for 'domesticity' -- of the re-organizing and vacuuming variety. And while I dislike wrinkly hands, I do enjoy dirtying a dish or two while cooking or baking.  This weekend I put some of my skills to use with my friends Justin and Amanda, and the three of us gathered around a few bowls of very colorful cake batter to make a tie-dye cake.

We were a bit apprehensive; we expected food color droplets to be everywhere and stain our hands for days to come, and we wondered if our colorful concoction would meld into a brown, ugly mess in the oven. We put the cake into the oven, patiently waited and were pleasantly surprised by the final product.  I'd say it was a success!

cake batter galore 

making our design

fresh out of the oven

take a look inside

tasty treat! 

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