Monday, November 4, 2013

The Big 2-9

Nope, it's not my big 2-9 (those days are gone, sadly).  It's another Unti who is celebrating a special day.

BD and AJ

And while he likes to remind me of all sorts of wonderful things, like the fact that I'm undeniably short, I'm too pale to pass as Mexican and the fact that I haven't given him the opportunity to be an uncle yet, I think the past 29 years of having this guy as my sidekick (though maybe I'm actually his) have been pretty fantastic.

Ask Mom and Dad, and they will tell you two things -- we always joked about being only children, and we always seemed to find ourselves in trouble...together.

I wouldn't trade my brother for anything in the whole-wide world.  He's one of my very best pals, he's as fiercely protective of me as I am of him, and having him around meant I was never alone.  I know I'll never forget that stupid stuffed badger, the hole in the living room wall or the broken side-view mirror, to name a few of our less than stellar performances; I'll also never forget how much fun life has been with my little brother by my side.

I hope you have the most wonderful special day.

six and four

just a few years later

brothers at Disney

Happy Birthday my big little brother.  I love you!

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