Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You

Today, on Veterans Day, I am ever so appreciative of the many people I know, and those I don't, who have chosen to selflessly serve their country.  Being away from my own spouse like I am, I cannot imagine the difficulty in facing a prolonged separation and an uncertain future.  That truly is the ultimate sacrifice.  I also cannot pass up this opportunity to talk about and give thanks to two very special men, my grandpas!

While Grandpa Navarrete is no longer with us, he is certainly always in all of our thoughts and hearts.  He made friends with everyone he met, as was evident by the long line of people who came to pay their respects when he passed.  My "little Grandpa" was a central figure in my life.  He was at every school event, including Grandparents' Day lunches and recorder concerts.  He let me help him cook and taught Brian and me how to cheat at Uno. He let us ride on his lap on the giant tractor and he always made sure we laughed and knew we were loved (he was really good at giving hugs!).

Luis Navarrate

And Grandpa Unti, talk about another wonderful man!  He continues to be a central force in my life.  He is determined and proud, an example for his children and grandchildren.  He embodies the sense of an Italian family man -- he taught us all to be strong and capable and he shows us all, even as adults, that we are very loved.  He takes wonderful care of Grandma and is as handsome as could be.  Summers were often spent at his house, and he was sure to allow me to follow along in his shadows, without complaint, while I undoubtedly asked too many questions and talked his ear off.  Even now, he sits with me and listens while I chat away.  Grandpa never lets you leave without a hug and a kiss, and I adore that about him!

Thomas J. Unti

I love my family dearly, all of my family, and the love for a grandpa, in a granddaughter's eyes, is a special kind of love! So to my grandpas, I thank you, not only for your service to our country, but for the love you have given, the examples you have set and the memories you have created.  

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