Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We Got Our GLO On

This past weekend marked my second race with my run-buddy and fabulous cousin, Jenna. About a month ago, at Al's Run, we decided to participate in the GLO Run 5K, and because we have a wonderfully fun family, my mom, my Auntie Lynn (Jenna's mom), our Auntie Bunna and our good family friend, Deb, joined in.

We all met early Sunday afternoon, and somehow we managed to stuff all of our stuff into Jenna's van. From there, we were off to Madison. Deb's son, Nick, and future daughter-in-law, Katie, were generous enough to open their home up to us, so after a stop for lunch, we headed to their house to unpack our glow gear and our snacks, apply our highly anticipated glow-in-the-dark nail polish (which turned out to be a bit of a bust and not only because it didn't do much glowing -- we wore gloves or ticked our hands in our pockets...it was cold!) and get all dressed up in bright colors.

About 90 minutes before race time, we again piled into the van and we're off to the Alliant Energy Center to check in and pick up our bibs and awesome new shades (which we earned by registering as a team of five or more). It was so cold that we headed back to the car to wait for the run/walk to begin.

getting geared up in the van - it was cold!
AJ and JL
cousins and run buddies - I.LOVE.IT.

Deb, Auntie Lynn, Auntie Bunna and Mom

Deb, Mom and me - glowing! 
Team Navarrete Ladies

While I wish the event coordinators would have done a better job of keeping walkers and runners separated and out of one another's way (I constantly had to dodge walkers, run around small kids and even had to walk a time or two early on when people bottle necked over a bridge), the run was a blast, and aside from cold hands, I warmed up quite nicely.

And though I felt the cold returning as I cooled down from my run, I was happy to spend the time waiting for our walkers with my fabulous cousin and run buddy. The DJ timed it perfectly for us...when we were just about to head back to the car to wait because we were almost ice cubes, 'The Cupid Shuffle' came on, I yelled "This is my jam," and we were off to dance and warm right up.

Shortly thereafter, we picked up our post run snacks, retrieved our family and headed back to Nick and Katie's to have some snacks and wine. Jenna made ranch pretzels and toffee bars, both of which were the perfect stand-in for our missed dinner, and Katie's spinach and artichoke dip was the icing on the cake, so to speak. And for a not-so-into-sweets girl who does love toffee, this was the perfect spread. We even had an array of Triscuits. No sick tummies from wine when those guys are on the counter.

Sunday, we had breakfast courtesy of Deb and Auntie Bunna and then stopped off in Johnson Creek to do some shopping on our drive home.

From start to finish (race pun intended), it was a great weekend with some great ladies.  I especially enjoyed laughing with everyone until my stomach ached Saturday night. We had so many good stories to share -- oh, how I love my family!

Next month (yep, November....in Wisconsin), we are planning another cousin run, so until then we will be working on our 'staches.  After all, we have to be sure to make a statement at the 'Stache Dash!

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