Sunday, October 13, 2013


Today the Mukwonago Fire Department is celebrating its 100th year of service, and as a member of the department, my dad is taking part in the festivities.  In a few short weeks, my dad will celebrate his 21st year with the department, and while his commitment to serving his community has certainly kept him busy and has often meant rescheduling activities or planning them around being home from 6pm to 6am, my dad has never faltered in his devotion to doing his job and doing it well.

His strong sense of selflessness and his work ethic are two trait that I greatly admire; Dad has surely given Brian and me a strong example after which to model our own lives.

So, as the department celebrates its anniversary, it is with great pride that I get to celebrate the person who has made it his personal commitment to take care of both his family and the community.
I am so, so proud of you, Dad!

Captain David Brian Unti 

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