Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It is no secret that fall it my favorite time of year.  Cozy sweaters, Uggs, pumpkin spice lattes and the changing leaves all make me one happy girl.  This fall, I have long known, promised to be a great one (if I ignore the fact that BR is four states away).  You see, my best friend's wedding was planned for this fall, and over the weekend, the day the she had been meticulously planning for finally arrived.

Before I can even begin discussing the wedding itself, I need to back up a bit.  When I first met Katie seven years ago, she was the teacher at Bradford I aspired to be like.  Her students' love and respect for her was no secret; she had high expectations and a vision for making her room a place where students wanted to be.  The first time a student said he thought Ms. Phillips and I were similar, I nearly cried.  I couldn't think of a greater professional honor.  When kids began to wonder if we were actually siblings, we ran with it...I obviously don't have my own sister, but I am certain Katie is the exact person I'd want as one, and she's become nothing short of that to me.  

And when I met Ryan, I almost instantly realized that he and Katie were destined to be husband and wife.  They compliment each other perfectly.  Both Katie and Ryan have a way of keeping the other on his or her toes, and the love they have for one another is undeniable.  BR and I have had so many fun times with Katie and Ryan, and I knew their wedding would be no exception...

Arriving at the Chula Vista resort on Saturday, I couldn't wait to see Katie's dream come true.  Every detail of the day was decidedly Katie and Ryan.  From the pumpkins that lined the isle to the bagpipes that played as the ceremony concluded, nothing was overlooked.  The ceremony took place at a location overlooking the river and was absolutely perfect.  The sun shined down on the pair as they exchanged vows and rings, and everyone was clearly moved by the sight of such a wonderful couple.


becoming husband and wife

sealed with a kiss

Once inside the reception, the perfection continued.  The cake table and the place cards were perfect compliments to each other and fit the fall theme flawlessly. Also perfect was the fact that I got to sit at the Big Ten Championship Game Table (Katie, Ryan, BR and I went to that game together -- it was BR's birthday surprise for me -- and the Badgers beat Michigan State: Perfect works!). 

my place card -- such a touching gift Katie gave me 

It was also a great honor to be able to be at Katie and Ryan's wedding with another one of my best pals, Justin.  I also met Justin when I began teaching at Bradford.  Since that time, he, Katie and I have been great friends.  And because Justin loves to dance just as much as I do, I had a guaranteed dancing buddy for the entirety of the evening.

Katie, Ryan, Justin and me --
with Brad the pink duck

If I have to share Katie with anyone, I am happy it's Ryan.  I wish the both of them nothing but the very best.  I know a lifetime of happiness awaits them, and I'm so thankful that I was able to spend their special day with them.

the newlyweds

Mengels, it was an honor to watch you become husband and wife, and I will love you both always!  

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