Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fun with My GLO Gals

Along with my mom, Deb, Auntie Lynn, Auntie Bunna, Beth and Jenna, two of my fabulous cousins, I will be participating in the GLO Run/Walk in Madison in a few weeks.  When we decided to form a team, all of us ladies wanted to be sure that Team 'The Navarrete Ladies' was the team to be seen.  As such, after registering, we made plans to have a shopping date. Today was that day.

The majority of the team, Mom, Auntie Lynn, Deb and I, met JL at her house, hopped into Deb's car and continued the process of stocking up on all things glow-in-the-dark, a process both Mom and Beth had already begun.  Our first stop was by far our most successful, and driest, as it turned out. We visited the Dollar Store and were happy to find bracelets, necklaces, lanyards, hair accessories and a lantern.  Despite having such a great collection of items already, we knew our work was not yet done, so we decided to head to Sports Authority next; we wanted to check out some socks and what kind of workout gear they had --  and who doesn't love to pursue the running shoe isles?!

The rain that thwarted my planned outdoor run this morning came again, and as we approached the store, the skies opened up.  Both Deb and I were ready for some coffee, so we dropped the ladies at the door and drove over to Starbucks.  I quickly darted in but was stalled outside of the door by a man who could not control his golf umbrella and had it trapped in the doorway.  That was fun....  After picking up our orders, I sprinted (and I use that term loosely as I was carrying two hot drinks, wearing sandals and sopping jeans) to the car.  When I got in, I looked like I'd fallen into a swimming pool.  It took but one glance at me after Deb and I found our way back to the crew for Jenna to laugh out loud at the sight of her drowned rat of a cousin.  I, too, would have laughed at myself would I not have been so busy shivering and shaking the pools of water off of myself.

our GLO run goodies 
While we came up empty in the neon sock department, I did find a really nice winter headband that I can wear all too soon when my runs come begin including snowflakes and cold winds.  The rest of our day included lunch and a run through Kohl's to continue the quest for fun running socks.  Again, we did not find suitable socks, but we did have fun trying on a few items, and we didn't leave empty handed.  We found some fabulous neon headbands and some glow-in-the-dark nail polish, which will surely complete our look.

shopping around a bit

We've got quite the collection of goodies four ourselves, and if today is any indication of the fun we'll have in two weeks, we are all in for a good time, a glowin' good time! 

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