Another Run Up the Flatty

After taking Mom and Auntie Lynn to the airport, I headed back to Boulder only to be met with cloudy skies and raindrops.  This was rather inopportune since Brian and I had plans to climb the Second Flatiron that evening.  The rain was slowing down and the sky was turning blue again as Brian arrived home from work, so we decided to go for it, and we headed into town to pick up our pal, Sean, who had come down from Denver, where he was staying for work that week.  As we drove to the trailhead, the rain began falling again, this time with blue skies, and I was pretty certain we would be making other evening plans.  Luckily, I was wrong.  We hiked to the base of the climb and found that the rock was dry, so we put on our shoes, chalked up our hands and headed toward the top.  

Much like last time, it was a lot of fun climbing the Second.  Unlike last time, it took a bit of real effort to take the jump across the rock; I spent the better part of three minutes convincing myself that I could jump without issue and wondering how it was so much easier last time.  Eventually, I lept and all was well.  We continued onward and topped out, took in the view - it's a great one - picked out landmarks below and then headed back down the trial and to the car.  

From there, we headed to our friend Jordan's place and went out for a few drinks.  It was another awesome night in Boulder for the Runnells duo. 

checking for rain 
the view from atop the Second 
Coaches, past and present, reppin' for Team ARock :) 


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