Friday, July 19, 2013

There's Definitely Some Truth to This

While pursuing Twitter the other day - it's summer, so I can guiltlessly devote time to indulging in social media - I came across this gem.

And while I must say that a few of these aren't necessarily true to form for me (read: numbers 2, 4 and 11 especially), I happen to live with someone who fits the mold almost perfectly.  In fact, while reading this, I could think of a time (or a few dozen times) when Brian had talked about these very topics....oh, if only I had known what I was in for when I signed up for this whole climbing thing :)

30 Things Rock Climbers Love

Thanks, Buzz Feed, for the funny. And watch out, all, because, when it comes to climbing and being a climber, once you're in, you're in; if you're not careful, or more aptly, if you're lucky enough, you may find yourself in this awesomely great little world of ours.

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