Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary

I want to wish my husband the happiest of happy anniversaries today.  Aside from the fact that we're celebrating another year together, we are doing so in one of his favorite places in the whole-wide world, Boulder, CO.

July 8, 2006 

To his family, he is Brian, the always-on-the-move, perpetually funny guy, who is probably in or on his way to Kentucky (or somewhere climbing-related) at any given moment.

To the blogosphere, he is the Narc, the person who regularly delivers climbing news and is "so obsessed with climbing it hurts."

To me, he is the whole world, the man who makes me laugh and holds me when I cry, the one who keeps my sense of adventure and exploration alive and the one who loves me in spite of all I am and am not....

One day, we will be sitting in rocking chairs somewhere celebrating our 70th anniversary, holding each other's old, wrinkly hands.  Until then, my adventure buddy, I look forward to making the most of each and every day we have together.

Our honeymoon in Yosemite (2006)

I love you endlessly and am eternally proud of you.  I don't know what I did to deserve a life partner like you, but I'll continue to thank my lucky stars - thanks for being amazing, Buddy!

A Multi-pitch Adventure (with the Avallones) in Yosemite (2008)
coincidentally, also the first time I had to tend to an ailing spouse

Our return trip to Yosemite when we climbed Cathedral Peak (2009) 

Our Western Exploration Trip (2010)
Glacier  National Park and our 15 mile Highline Trail Hike

our CO Getaway (2011)
 included a visit to Lincoln Lake

A scooter ride along the Amalif Coast, Sorrento, Italy (2011)

Teleferic ride to the top of Mt. Olympos, Turkey (2012)

Our first 14er, Mt. Bierstadt, CO (2013)
Happy 7th Anniversary! 

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