Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Shoes Nation -- Kenny Comes to Miller Park

This past weekend, as has become a tradition, I joined my mom, my Auntie Lynn, my cousin Jenna and a few hundred of our closest friends, including my mom's  bestie, Elaine, and my brother's awesome girlfriend Lori, in attending  the Kenny Chesney concert.

 The fun began  when everyone met at Deb's house and boarded the school bus that was responsible for getting 30-some people to Miller Park. Once we arrived in MKE, we had to coordinate unloading the bus (grills, coolers, drinks and ourselves) and finding places to put everything, not an easy task considering the buses are parked about two feet from one another. Somehow we were able to negotiate an entire open bus parking space between our vehicle and the next, which served us well as a as we snacked, sampled many varieties of shots, took pictures, made friends with our bus neighbors, one of whom resembled the dude from 'Duck Dynasty',  and threw cookies at our moms -- okay, so only I threw cookies.... and as far as that goes,  I was simply making a point that my cousin did not want to head into the concert yet, and to my credit, it worked.

The concert was a blast and the company was fantastic.  The night, much like my previous Kenny adventures, was one for the record books. 

catching our ride to Miller Park

me and Lainey - drinks in hand...on a school bus...we felt so rebellious 
mom, Lori and me 


the Mexican connection
JL, Auntie Lynn, me and Mom

ready to have a good time

pudding shots


a portion of the bus crew

Lainey, Mom and me
I was put in Time-out for my cookie throwing antics
No worries, I had a drink 

me with a few of  the bank chicas - JL and Sarah

Lori, Katie and me -- we had a good, good time

the stage


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