Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Way To Go, Narc!

This past weekend (and until Tuesday thanks to a snowstorm that grounded flights yesterday), Brian and I were in Colorado.  We made the trek west so Brian could cover the ABS National Competition in Colorado Springs.  He, along with a few of his pals -- Pete and Jon and Jordan from Louder Than 11 -- covered the entire comp, from qualifiers on Friday to finals on Saturday night.  The whole weekend was an awesome experience for me on many levels.  As a climber who strives to get stronger, watching really great climbers is always inspiring to me; as a wife, watching Brian try something challenging and new (and continue to make a name for himself) and do so quite well is equally inspiring.

I know a number of you tuned in to listen to Brian during the comp, and I know many of you who did aren't climbers yourself, so I especially appreciate your doing so.

While he will not give himself nearly enough credit for what he accomplished this past weekend, both personally and professionally, I cannot say enough how vastly proud I am of him.   Hearing mentioned at the comp and hearing people speak so highly of the work he and the guys did filled me with such pride.  I know that even greater things are to come for my buddy, and I'm so excited for what the future holds.

my broadcasting buddy -- snacking and commentating

I love you, Bri, and will always be your #1 fan!  Great work, buddy!

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