Monday, February 18, 2013

Climbing, Turkey Style

While early in our married-people history, trips were exclusively focused on climbing, my persistent suggestions that we lead a more balanced life were finally heeded.  With our recent trip to Turkey, for instance, we were both climbers and traditional tourists.  Regardless, let me give you all a glimpse into the climbing side of our vacay.

We spent the first half of our trip in Asian Turkey.  We stayed in Kaleici, the old town district of Antalya, and from there we  made our daily trips to Geyikbayiri, southern Turkey's most well-known climbing area.  The drive took a bit of getting used to - you'll recall my post about driving in Turkey - but we were glad to have chosen the 'rental car/commute to climbing' path as it allowed us the freedom to do a lot more exploring in Antalya proper.  While the climbing area wasn't nearly as clean as we have come to expect in the States, the climbing was fantastically different from anything I had previously experienced.  The area is characterized by tufa climbing - think rocks shaped like a loaf of bread protruding from the wall.


Turkish climbing fun 
I also made friends with some of the locals; Brian is well-versed in my 'chat with people and pets whenever possible' ways, so he usually ignored me and my incessant need to stop off to pet the newest dog to come by.

making a friend - he wanted my cheddar bunnies 

so maybe I shared a bit of my lunch with the little pal, he was so cute and clearly hungry 

While most of the time we returned to the city for dinner, we did eat at the climbing area one evening, and it was fantastic.  And though I did think that it would have been fun to stay in a place that was a little closer to nature (and I know BR would have thoroughly enjoyed being with 'his people'), I certainly appreciated the luxuries afforded to us by virtue of staying at our hotel - a hot shower, a fresh bath robe, a comfy bed and some sports on TV all made for a relaxing end to each climbing day.

Well, that was our Turkish climbing endeavors in a nutshell; Brian made a video of our adventure, and I hope to share that with you all quite soon.  Also, be looking for some more Turkish goodness coming your way soon.  I have so much to say about such a phenomenal trip.

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