Monday, January 28, 2013


Each January, our climbing gym hosts a large competition, and each year it has a new theme.  This year was all about the luchador.  

Typically, I volunteer at the comp and Brian comes to take pictures, but after some convincing from a pal, Brian chose to attend the comp as a competitor.   I was really excited for him to do so, but as the comp approached, I became more and more nervous.  I knew Bri wanted to do well, and I know he never gives himself enough credit for how good he really is....and, of course, I wanted him to do well enough to climb in finals.  You see, if you place in the top five in your division, you climb in front of the whole the spotlight...with music...and cheering....ahhhh.  

I was helping a friend with score cards and got the news that Brian climbed well enough to make it to finals before he did -- it was hard to keep that secret.  The look on his face when he learned that he had made it was priceless and made the nail-biting, day-long nerves that came with watching each of his climbs well worth it.  

And, as you can see from his award, Bri placed 4th.  

A job well done by the Climbing Narc!

I'm extremely proud of you, BR, for deciding to climb and for doing so well.  Your dedication to your passion and to training surely motivates me to be my very best (climbing-wise, teacher-wise, wife-wise, etc.), and for that I am grateful, my luchador! 

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