Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Our adventures in Turkey were certainly memorable, as was the travel getting there and back...and the driving between Turkish towns.

Our travel to Turkey

  • make our way to Chicago (thanks to our trusty driver, Beeps) - one hour
  • hang out in the airport, mentally prepare for being unable to communicate in our native language for the next 9 days and board a flight to Amsterdam - seven hours
  • enjoy our first Turkish meal at the Istanbul airport, drink Starbucks and board a flight to Antalya - one hour
checking in for flight #1 

all of our bags were easy to pick out 

exploring the airport - aka walking around before being confined to a small space for more than seven hours

Amsterdam - waiting for flight number two (of three)

Our travel within Turkey

  • I'll let the pictures (and my captions) speak for themselves - eight awesomely amazing days

LOTS of walking
- Antalya 

a few trolley rides
- Antalya 
driving out of the city
- Antalya 

our rental car and some travel snacks
  - Geyikbayiri
this one time, while in Turkey, we drove through a herd of goats --- oh wait, that happened multiple time
- Olympos


the fishing/walking bridge in Istanbul -
our boat, which took us back to Asian Turkey (Antalya is in Asian Turkey), departed from here

Our travel home

  • arrive at the airport at 3:30 am, eat a gummi bear breakfast and board a flight to Paris - four hours 
  • make our way through an insufferable airport and board a flight to Chicago - nine hours 
  • go through customs and wait for our bags (ugh), reunite with Mom, Dad and Sis Runnells and drive home from the airport - two+ hours

We're flying over the Matterhorn , a mountain in the range between Switzerland and Italy

by now land was in sight, and we were planning our next trip 

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