Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Love the Weekends!

This weekend I would like to wish a very HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Blake, my cousin Jenny's adorable little boy.
Happy Birthday, Blake!
(image stolen from my cousin's blog)

Last weekend was Homecoming at one of my old schools, Bradford.  Coincidentally, they were playing my other former school, Indian Trail.  As such, I decided to venture to Kenosha to take in the parade, see some of my old kiddos and visit with my friends.  After the parade, Katie, and I went to dinner and then met Amanda to head to the game.  It was freezing and I believe I lost feeling in my face for about 10 hours, but I was glad to see some of my former coworkers and kiddos and always enjoy our after-game tradition of going to The Club House.

Saturday was double-date day. Katie and Ryan met Brian and me and we all headed to Madison to watch the Badgers defeat Illinois.  Though it was very brief, we were also able to meet up with Star, Katie's cousin and my good friend.  She and her husband were in town with friends and were also going to the game.  We had an absolute blast and hanging out with Katie and Ryan made me so excited for their wedding next fall.  I love those two!!

drum line at the Big 10

Double Date

Bestie LOVE

Garlic clove...

Star, me and Katie

Since Brian is off having fun in Colorado this weekend, I thought I deserved a little bit of fun myself.  I called my good friend Justin and asked him if we could finally make our date for Fro Yo for Dinner, and we did.  After long days at work for the both of us, we headed to Wauwatosa to go to our favorite fro yo shop, Yo Mama. They have seasonal flavors now, and both of us tried pumpkin fro yo, which was delicious.

After fro yo, we kept with our more typical Friday night tradition and went for drinks.  We missed our friend, Amanda, who headed to her parents' home for the evening, but we are going to make up for lost time tonight with a party at my place.  Okay, it's probably not accurate to call it a party, but we plan to watch movies, have pizza and drink wine....heck, if that isn't a party, I'm not sure what it, so yep, it's a party at my place :)

I've been so busy and so stressed lately - I am extremely grateful for my wonderful friends!


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