Friday, August 31, 2012

Stuck on Bucky!!

In honor of tomorrow's season opener, I thought I would share a little Badger story...

... It's no secret that I am, shall we say, obsessed with my alma mater.  Sorry, Carroll University and Carthage College, you were great and all, but you just don't compare to my first love, UW.  

Today I was out looking for some new Badger bling - more on that to come later - and I found these magnets.  I walked past them once and made my way over to another area of the store, but ultimately I decided I NEEDED the magnets. Bucky is pretty much the most handsome mascot ever! 

Now I have to decide if I should split them up and take some to school, leave them all at home or share them with some Badger loving friends - if I bring them to my classroom, I can use them to drop not-so-subtle hints that all my seniors should attend UW :) 

Cute, right?! 

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