Tuesday, August 14, 2012

State Fair

Last Thursday, my friend Amanda and I decided to head to the Wisconsin State Fair.  The forecast called for sporadic showers, but that didn't deter us...an encounter with a mouse almost did, however (when we went to Amanda's basement to get her poncho, a mouse was sitting on her couch).  After the mouse evacuation, we were off to the Fair.

What we did:

  • walked through the Expo building and stocked up on UW gear
  • enjoyed flavored milk - best quarter a person can spend
  • made friends with a cute little man outside the milk stand
  • watched dogs leap into a pool 
  • helped out a poor man who fell and hurt his face
  • ran back into the fair to get cream puffs (I drove around the block so we didn't have to pay to park) 

What we didn't do:

  • eat corn - who wants soggy corn on the cob?
  • ride the big slide - you can't race down the slide when your wet mat is stuck to it
  • see the goats and sheep - the bar was closed
  • stay dry 

Amanda and me enjoying some flavored milk - I had a second glass, and both were delicious! 

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