Friday, August 24, 2012

Movin' On Up

This week has been full of highs and lows, which always seems to be the case when the new school year begins (what with layoffs, new building and rehiring being the norm as of late).  I became overwhelmingly stressed the other day when I learned that I would be teaching a literature course that I was previously unaware of (added to the two other courses I've never taught before and the fact that I spent time this summer preparing for a course that isn't even on my schedule anymore).  I was also exhausted by the amount of work that went into clearing out my room, which was not totally cleaned out by the last teacher, and making it my own.

Shout-out to my hubbers for supporting me during my meltdowns...I'd probably be crying in the corner of my classroom still if it weren't for Bri!

And just when I began questioning everything I thought I knew about myself, I was brought back to reality.  My new principal told me he was confident in my ability to move into the building seamlessly as I am a veteran educator - talk about a confidence booster.  I also received this (see below) in the mail and it was a reminder of how hard work, dedication to a task and devotion to one's work can pay off!


 Five years of teaching, graduate school and a Professional Development Plan submitted to the DPI got me this!
It looks like I'm movie' on up in the educational world :)

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