Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bri Bri!

Today is Brian's 29th birthday. I'm a big believer in celebrating the important people in one's life, so I really wanted to make the most of Bri's day.

To begin, we met for lunch at a cafe near Brian's work. It was simple - soup and sandwiches- but good, and we both enjoyed our meals (why haven't we been doing this all summer?!). Our lunch date was totally worth me having to parallel park my SUV. 

While Bri finished his work day, I ran out to get one more present for him, a pair of sunglasses to replace the pair he lost the night before on our bike ride. For being a simple guy, the man has particular taste, and I needed to get him a pair worthy of his last/ones he would like that would match his outdoorsy personality...mission accomplished.

After work, Bri opened gifts and then we met his parents and sister, and the five of us headed to Tosa for dinner, fro yo and wine. Dinner was at Pizzeria Piccola and was even a bit reminiscent of being in Italy, which we both appreciated. The fro yo and wine were equally great, but let's be real, fro yo and wine will never disappoint (unless you opt for a glass of the 'earthy' wine Brian sampled, which we all agreed smelled like a barn...or worse)! We even were able to squeeze in a walk in the park before heading back to Becky's to hang out.

Tomorrow we will celebrate with my family, and I know we will have a great time. 

Happy birthday, my Hubbers! I absolutely adore you and I hope your day was as amazaballs as you are! 
Love to you, my adventure excited for our next big excursion!

P.S. I promise to work on our little computer glitch and post pics from our up north vacay, which was a blast!

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