Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Months and months ago, Brian suggested we go to the Coldplay concert.  It felt like ages waiting for the concert day to finally arrive,  and last Wednesday, it was time to go on a mini-adventure with Bri.

To ensure we arrived with time to spare, we headed out directly after work.  We made good time for the first half of the drive, and then Chicago lived up to its reputation and we spent an hour sitting in traffic.  We still got to the United Center in time to see both opening acts, though I think we could have done without seeing the first - I wish I put into words how different the band was - think Punky Brewster meets goth!  The second band, Marina and the Diamonds, was definitely good, but we were anxious for the real deal to begin, and Coldplay did not disappoint.

It was a GREAT show!

we were handed these wristbands when we arrived - we were told they would be part of the show

me and my adventure buddy waiting for the show to begin

the show began and our wristbands lit up - this was the effect


inflatable butterflies, tear drops and stars filled all the entrances during one song 

the crowd - the band moved into it at the close of the show

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