Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Brew Crew with the Runnells Crew

A few weekends ago now, the Runnells crew gathered at Miller Park to take in a Brewer game as we do every summer.  Unable to join me due to surgery, Brian missed out on lots of fun.  I was sure to snag him a few of the tasty treats, such as the coveted blonde brownies and butter horns.  Despite being without the hubbers, I had a blast, and I was lucky enough to find a date for the evening -  don't tell Brian or Mike, but Christina and I had tons of fun without them.

Per usual, the day was great -- and the Brewers even won, which rarely happens when we are there for a family game, so hooray for that and for all the fun we had!

Yep, we had a chocolate fountain - it turned into a chocolate sprayer when the wind blew

Nathan and KJ - stylin'

Christina (my date), Curt and me 

Katy having Auntie Jo tend to her wardrobe malfunction

Jessie, Shannon and Rhiannon (oh, and Corey) with their sausage pals

KJ and her 'updated' jersey T

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