Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Break

I recently returned from what can only be described as one of the best Spring Break trips ever.  I left for the Red River Gorge, KY on Good Friday and did not return home until this past Sunday - that made a total of 10 days in one of my favorite places.  The weather was perfect for hiking and climbing; it was in the low 60s each day and the sun was always shining.  Though we did get a bit chilly a few days when the wind was especially fierce, we were able to basque in the sun and get in some really good climbing.  Left behind as reminders of how hard I worked are a number of bruises and scratches on my arms and legs, but they were all totally worth it.

Having been especially busy and stressed lately, I was excited to get away.   The Nimmer family, very dear friends of ours, agreed to take me on as an honorary family member for the trip, so I joined Mark, Patty, Alex, Andrew, Melissa and Kelsey in a cabin decorated with some very interesting and eclectic art (pictures to come soon -- you'll see just how odd the artwork really was).  Other gym friends were also in Kentucky, so I spent a great deal of time with the Fields and Burzynski families as well.

Unlike my typical Kentucky trips, I did not have to get up early or worry about sticking to a strict schedule.  We stayed up late, slept almost as much as we wanted, climbed all day and had Miguel's pizza almost every night.  I challenged myself physically and mentally and was able to accomplish a few climbing-related goals on the trip.  I also laughed so hard that I cried (much more than once).  A number of inside jokes and priceless memories certainly came from the 10 days in the southern region...and I'm immensely happy that I decided to go.  Even the eight hour drive was enjoyable; how can't it be when you're giggling the whole way, make a stop at the store to shop for birthday gifts for little kiddos (and push bigger kiddos in carts) and get to experience a drive-thru liquor store/bar.

It's been an adjustment returning home to a relatively quiet house.  I certainly miss all the laughing, the nightly stories and iPad game sessions.  I had so much fun that I'm trying to convince everyone to simply move with me to Kentucky and construct a cabin that houses us all so every day can be a Spring Break day :)

Our home for the break - the walkway led to a fire pit and picnic area
the Burzynski cabin
the girls counted, and there were 40 chairs in the cabin 

MIGUEL'S - amazeballs! 

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