Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Weekends...In Pictures

Here is a recap of my previous two weekends, in pictures.  Despite it being a very busy time of the school year (I've been tending to an immense amount of final exam preparation and grading), I enjoyed so much fun, love and laughter.  To quote myself and use my new favorite word, my weekends have been amazeballs lately!

 Two weekends ago - Mom, Lainey and me

a trip to Johnson's Creek resulted in a few new items for me, including this fabulous duo  

Lainey, Mom and me out to dinner at Botana's - three pitchers of margaritas, tons of stories and lots of love
(pardon my wide shoulders - bad angle, I blame the photographer)

Lainey and me  - Thank you, Lainey, for the wonderful things you said to me.  I will NEVER forget them!

Last weekend - play with Katie and Star, shopping and grading with Amanda and family bowling event

Great show put on by great kids -- a number of former and current students

Mandy and her fab 'headgear'

New scarves, my favorite 'it's almost spring but still is chilly' accessory
courtesy of Charming Charlie

a nice springy surprise from my hubbers
he spent the better part of last week/weekend in Kentucky hanging out with the boys

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