Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kentucky LOVE

Here are a few pictures that capture, far better than I ever could with words alone, the essence of my Spring Break in the Red River Gorge. Enjoy!

One of our friends - others included Fluffy McSlithers and Dave (both snakes)


Melissa hard at work belaying - this was the day we invented the MPC

Kelsey helping Chloe slackline at Miguel's

Charlie and Logan slacklining at Miguel's 

Post pizza dinner workout

Ice cream treat - that Cassie is my kinda girl!


What else does one do when she has a tub in the middle of the loft she shares with three others?!

Cabin Art

More art

That might be Mickey Mouse...or a deformed child riding a deformed lizard 

Andrew searching for his Easter Skunk treat

The girls in search of their goodies 

Thanks, Easter Skunk!

He's excited.  Can't you tell?

Melissa finally found her Easter Skunk goods

And she was so excited to have searched forever when her bag was "in an obvious spot" according to the Skunk
Alex looking for his treat

The boys are ready for a hike

So are the girls
Chloe, Kelsey and Cassie

Princess Arch 

Those darn climber types will climb just about anything

Charlie's turn


Like I was saying'

Mr. Mark watching from above

Chimney Rock

Pre-hike safety talk

Apparently we were in danger of expelling clouds from our bums

He's so happy to be posing 

Photo-bombed by Alex (Kelsey, me and Melissa)

The Nature Princess

Stay right there, Annaleah, stay right there.

Annaleah, Melissa and me

Being so darn cute is exhausting, ha girls?!

We were all about safety on our trip....I'm buckled into the car via my harness

Chloe and Cassie, two of my favorite five-year-old-ladies!


Meet the puppet, Kelsey
That puppet sang us sweetly to sleep each night - well more like gave us night terrors

UK Library

Our friend Fluffy McSlithers - he's pretty cute, ha (well, in the "I'll bite you in the face and inject venom into your system" sort of way)

Flying Kelsey

Until next time, my Spring Break buddies...or until we get settled into our commune :) 

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