Thursday, March 22, 2012


Though I sure have felt the effects of the humidity while trying to dry my hair in the mornings, I sure am loving the weather as of late.  Nothing beats open windows, flip flops and outdoor activities with the hubbers.  So, thank you SPRING, for this great treat.

The first flowers to make an appearance at Casa del Runnells

The weather has been so great that we have even been able to squeeze in a few early season motorcycle rides.  Yesterday, we took the bike to the gym.  While it provided a few logistical problems, such as how to get all of the gear we needed on the bike and to the gym and how to ensure that I didn't have to appear in public with helmet hair, it was so nice to plug in my iPod, sit back, turn off all my thoughts and jam out to Adele.  It was so warm and sunny that I wore shorts and a tank top both to and from the gym.  My dad wouldn't be pleased with this (he always made me wear pants when I rode on his bike); he will be happy to know, however, that Brian insisted I wear shoes instead of flip flops.

The awesome weather also meant a trip to Devil's Lake last weekend.  Brian and I left for the lake Saturday afternoon after I had a fabulous breakfast with my friends Amanda and Justin.  When we got to the lake, it was very warm.  Brian and I hiked to a bouldering area and I basked in the sun while he got his rock climb on.  We drove to the Dells for dinner and at at Sprecher's.  The food was decent but the cream soda hit the spot.  After dinner, we returned to Devil's Lake and set up our campsite.  I wasn't very excited about the lack of running water at the campground and the absence of showers, but the amazing starlight walk made me forget about that all (until the next morning, that is).  Sunday morning, we met our friends Dawn and Chris for breakfast at our favorite place, the Alpine Cafe.  Then we spent the rest of the day hiking, climbing and enjoying the warm, warm weather.  We've got plans to do more of the same next weekend!
I opted for a soda splurge as opposed to a beer.  Brian tried a few options from the beer side of the list. 

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