Friday, March 9, 2012

Party People

The past two weekends have been about celebrating some fabulous people in our lives, our grandparents.

Two weeks ago, Brian and I joined the rest of the Runnells clan to celebrate Grandpa R's 85th birthday.  We had a fish fry dinner, which was pretty amazingly yummy. The girls spent the better part of the night attracting attention for our very boisterous behavior.  We had lots to discuss and lots and lots to laugh about.  Uncle Jeff sure added to that laughter.  I left the party that evening with such a huge smile on my face - what a wonderful bunch of people I have to call my very own.

the birthday boy and his lovely bride, my fabulous Grandparents Runnells

the Runnells clan ladies - Jessie, Shannon, Christina, me, Katy, Annie and Becky
We plan to take over the man cave (our basement) for weekly workout and wine parties

the Runnells kiddos and Grandpa- that's Kelly joining the picture via Face Time
We missed you Jason, KJ and Nathan....


 Last weekend, we made the trek to Eagle River to surprise Grandma Unti and celebrate her 80th birthday, which was a few days later on March 6th.  We had an equally wonderful time celebrating with the Unti side of the family.  We had dinner at the Pub and Prime in St. Germain, WI and then went to the VFW, where my grandpa is the commander, to have cake and cocktails.  While there, we got to see a number of my grandparents' friends, some of whom have become household names over the years.  It was great to surprise her and celebrate with my grandma, a person I've always had a special we-love-to-chat kind of bond with.  It was also really nice to see so much of my family - that doesn't happen often enough.

the birthday girl taking in the big surprise 

the ribs-for-dinner club - Brian, Brian and Dane


I absolutely love this woman! 

Erik and Brian and their very manly beverages 

Darrina and Brian - and to think, she used to bite him every time she saw him :)

my branch of the Unti family tree
  I love my family dearly, and I cannot imagine life without my family.  And to think that all the love, laughter and memories can be attributed to four couples falling in love!

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