Monday, March 26, 2012

I Just 'Wrote' To Say...

... I Love You!

I know that I have mentioned this before, but the Jarvis family came into my life long before I I even have recollection of it, and they have remained a constant in my world throughout my 29 years.  They've seen me through all of my major life accomplishments and are as much a family to me as my own blood relatives.  When we were little, in fact, it was hard for my brother, the Jarvis kids and me to explain our relationship to everyone, so we took it upon ourselves to begin calling each other cousins. And cousins we have remained.  

 I was really excited to see Elaine this past weekend (more to come on that topic in the next few days) and then, I walk downstairs today and Stevie Wonder was singing "I Just Called To Say I Love You," a song that Maureen used to play for my brother and me when we were itty-bitty.  I sang along just like I had when I was little, but it wasn't quite the same since I was without the rest of the trio, my brother and Maureen. Regardless, it reminded me of how blessed I am to be an honorary Jarvis and to have grown up surrounded by such wonderful people and such immense love.

Brian, Anita, Maureen, me and Lainey...singing OUR song on my wedding day 

my very own, very first babysitter, Anita 

me and Samantha

the Jarvis ladies, Mom and Grandma - wedding prep work -
 I babysat for the babies of my former babysitters, and then they all blessed me by being a part of my wedding

Brian with Lainey

Anita and me on her wedding day

Anita and me on my wedding day 

Jarvis family, I know I speak for BD and myself when I say WE LOVE YOU and we always have! 

me and BD, ages 6 and 4

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